Been visiting a dear friend in Gävle all weekend. I got there on friday, we made food and catched up, and in the evening two other friends from highschool arrived. I had not seen them in a long while (one of them I don't think Iv'e met in almost a year!), so that was awesome. We played some drinking games and later we went out. And had some tequila. All and all it was a great night. The day after we woke up kind of early and went to this place called Alborgen. Its a large, almost castle like house (it has Alice in wonderland-ish interior design). Im not sure how to explain what you do there (To Swedes; It's like Fångarna på Fortet/Boda Borg), but it's like...alot of rooms in wich you play games/get through diffrent obstacle courses. Both physical and mental tasks. It was great fun anyway! After that we ate pizza, bought candy and watched Jackass.


I had a great weekend, however now I am really really tired. I really want to stay awake to 03 and watch Oprah's Next Chapter with Gaga but gosh, I'm not sure I can stay awake. I slept on the train between Gävle and Uppsala, but that sure wasn't enough!


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